Welcome aboard our Magical Train

Before testing this playable version, please consider the following points:

Demo status VS final game

  • The current build has focused primarily on exploring a first biome, with a train transformation (flying mode) and a harvesting tool (nets). Imagine that these mechanics have already been introduced to the player.
  • The Magical Train game experience is composed of two distinct phases:
    • The train journey (exploration, collecting)
    • The interactions inside the train (story, quests, management)
  • This second phase (inside the train), although present in this demo, was not our top priority on these sprints and is therefore not representative of the final quality. We are expecting a kind of light “Animal Crossing” experience where it will be possible to chat with the passengers and receive requests from them (satisfaction quests). As you progress, it will even be possible to recruit crew members who will add new gameplay mechanics inside the train via their dedicated car (in this build you will see a chef preparing food for the passengers). Please consider this part more as a proof of concept.
  • It is also not possible to stop in town for now. In the final game, the player who transits through a city will see some of his passengers get off the train, and will be paid according to the quality of the travel (the stars visible in the upper right-hand corner of the screen). The player will use his money to unlock new abilities for the train (and thus extend the exploration) or customise the interior of the cars.
  • The music is dynamic, and takes into account several parameters such as the speed of the train or its state. We hope you will enjoy the result!
  • We estimate that it will take around 10 hours of play to unlock all the train’s properties (tools, transformations, crew members, etc.) and discover all the biomes. At the end of the story, however, it will still be possible to transport passengers and complete their satisfaction quests, extending the gameplay experience. We are considering Magical Train as a relaxing experience to be replayed regularly to ease the mind, even after the game is finished. 

Game Controls

  • Feel free to check the README file to have more details about the controls.
  • We suggest to play with an Xbox controller for better comfort.

Current funding status and needs

  • We have obtained public funding (recoverable advance) of €100K for the development of this playable version.
  • Our studio has also invested €100K of its own money to finish this pre-production.
  • A Tax Shelter agreement will allow us to re-invest another €150-200K in the project by 2024.
  • The estimated remaining production budget is €1,405,100, excluding marketing. We can detail this budget on request.
  • We are looking for a publishing partner who could complete the financing with a contribution of 1.2 million euros, and we would ideally like to entrust them with the marketing.
  • We are open to discuss the terms and conditions (target territories, duration, revenue sharing, etc.).
  • In order to maintain production deadlines (delivery in November-December 2024), it would be ideal for us to conclude a deal within 4-6 weeks.


  • Please do not share this page and its contents without our explicit agreement.

🚂 Enjoy discovering the game!

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Do you want to talk about the game?
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The management team is available to answer any questions you may have about the game or its follow-up:

Fabrice DANIEL – CEO

David BAILLY – Creative director

Sophie SCHIARATURA – Chief Product Officer

Our team will be back from February 27th, so don’t hesitate to send us your availability if you want us to schedule a call!

We will be at the GDC 2023 !

Fabrice, David and Sophie will also be available at the GDC (Belgian Games – N2805) so don’t hesitate to block a timeslot via Meet 2 Match.