Meet us at Gamescom 2022

Our team will be present at Gamescom 2022 in the business area and we would be delighted to meet you there! We can also schedule a call if you are not present on site.

Our team

  • Maracas Studio is a brand new video game company
    established in May 2022 at Charleroi (
    by 4 seniors (10+ years of experience)
  • Here is the track-record of the team:
  • We are planning to grow from 4 to 14 FTE within 24 months

Our projects

    • Project “MT”: Our main project
      • Wholesome AA game for Nintendo Switch and PC
      • Family audience
      • Expected release: Winter 2024
      • At Gamescom, we can show you :
        • Early prototype
        • Art direction
    • Project “H”
      • Co-op survival base-building on PC
      • Core players
      • Early access: First quarter 2024
      • At Gamescom, we can show you :
        • First (very early) prototype
        • Concept arts

Our needs

    • We are building long-term relationships with our partners
      as mentioned in our values
    • We are mainly looking for funding:
      700K1.3M€ for each project
    • Help with marketing, communication, distribution… is welcome
    • We are open to discussion on other forms of intellectual property exploitation:
      • Transmedia (anime, illustrated fairy tales…)
      • Merchandising (toys, goodies…)
Interested in meeting us?

We have provided you with an online booking tool.

We plan on 30 minutes to an hour per meeting, but feel free to contact us if another format works better for you.

We are available both on site
(Belgian pavilion in business area)
or online (Google Meet).