Maracas is a studio specialized in

Video game development 🎮

in Charleroi (Belgium)

At Maracas Studio, we create video games aimed at a large audience with the ambition to mark a whole generation of players. We care for our players, team mates and partners.

Used as festive rhythmic percussion instruments, maracas were once, cult objects, magical, used to awaken spirits and deities. Today, they embody our desire to shake up the entire video game industry… no less!

Our team

With 10 years of experience in the industry, the team members have developed and delivered more than twenty games on many platforms (mobile, Nintendo 3DS, PC, Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4, Xbox One, Stadia…).

Fabrice DANIEL

Chief Executive Officer


Creative director


Chief Product Officer

Thibaut HANSON


Gabriel NUNEZ



Game Artist

2 projects in production

Still secret đź‘€

We are currently working on new original intellectual properties.

Here are some clues to keep you waiting:

Project MT:
     #cosy     #switch

Project HC:
     #coop     #pc

Our values

1/ We strive to stand out

We select the games we make and the markets we target wisely to differentiate ourselves from the competition. Through the game mechanics, art direction or narration, we pay attention to how our games can market themselves throughout their development.
We develop our notoriety with innovative and audacious communication.

2/ We deal with constraints without losing our vision

We find smart ways to achieve our creative vision because we know that the player experience is what matters in the end. Like magicians, we can make it by faking it, and there is no point in doing something that is not perceived.

3/ We take care of each other

We are aware of the personal investment the video game industry requires. We make sure no one goes too far for their physical or mental health. We avoid peer pressure. We don’t stay passive to harmful behavior, gossip, or any form of toxicity. We show understanding when faced with the vagaries of life and help people balance work and personal life.

4/ We respect our players and partners as well as ourselves

We have a proactive and clear communication and aim for long term honest relationships. We refrain from blaming or condemning other team members, partners or players. The latter are not just consumers but are ambassadors of our games. We also help develop the game industry around us in a way that follows our values (teaching, events…).

5/ We learn together to be better

Our tools and skill set must constantly evolve to stay relevant, so we don’t hesitate to ask questions, share our experience and knowledge proactively, and we help people meet their personal goals.

6/ We work as a team

We form teams with strong synergies and we encourage partnerships (mentoring, godfather, peer review…) to never leave people isolated.

Do these values
resonate with you?

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Maracas Studio
Square des Martyrs 1 (Tri Postal)
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