Meet us at GDC 2023

Our team will be present at GDC 2023 and we would be delighted to meet you there! We can also schedule a call if you are not present on site.

Our team

  • Maracas Studio is a young video game company
    established in May 2022 at Charleroi (Belgium)
  • Founders with extensive experience (>10 years) in video game production mostly on PC & consoles
  • Here is the track-record of the team:
  • We are planning to grow from 6 to 14 FTE within 12 months

Our projects

  • Project “Magical Train“: Our first project
    • Wholesome game for Nintendo Switch and PC
    • Pitch
    • Wide audience
    • Expected release: Winter 2024
    • We can show you :
      • Demo
  • Project “Homecoming
    • Co-op survival base-building on PC
    • Pitch
    • Core players
    • Early access: First quarter 2024
    • We can show you :
      • First prototype

Our needs

  • We are building long-term relationships with our partners
    as mentioned in our values
  • We are mainly looking for project funding:
    800K-1.4M€ for each project
  • Help with marketing, communication, distribution… is welcome
  • We are open to discussion on other forms of intellectual property exploitation:
    • Transmedia (anime, illustrated fairy tales…)
    • Merchandising (toys, goodies…)
Interested in meeting us?

We have provided you with an online booking tool. We are also available from Meet 2 Match.

We plan on 30 minutes to an hour per meeting, but feel free to contact us if another format works better for you.

We are available both on site
(Belgian pavilion: Belgian Games – N2805)
or online (Google Meet).